You don’t need more information, what you need is a deeper transformation. Touch of Health Clinic is run by Wanjeri Mahihu who is an experienced and licensed therapist who understands.
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Fully Certified

Wanjeri Mahihu holds two Masters degree in Human Behavior and Hospitality. She is a registered Professional Therapist. She is also a Speaker, Mentor, Lifecoach & Educator.


Wanjeri believes in a holistic approach to your health and well-being. As a consultant psychologist and Holistic Life Coach, Wanjeri has a wealth of knowledge and experience

About Therapy

Therapy is a scientifically proven process that teaches you how your mind works.

Well Being

How is well-being defined? Well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods...


Stress can become a vicious cycle without the stress management techniques needed to manage it.

Our Therapist

Wanjeri Mahihu (Gigi) is a Psychologist, registered therapist, speaker, mentor, lifecoach &...

Online Therapy

With us Quadra, you can connect to your therapist via mobile telephone, WhatsApp or Skype...

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Wanjeri Mahihu

Wanjeri Mahihu is a Soulscaper. She is a Consultant Psychologist, and Holistic Life Coach at Touch of Health Clinic and Quadra Well-Being Clinic. The therapy clinics are located in the idyllic city of Mombasa, Kenya and are dedicated to offering high quality face to face and online psychotherapy and holistic coaching services. We believe that good therapy is based on therapists who are compassionate and caring, well trained in effective techniques, and passionate about the work of psychotherapy.